Ideas For Pest Bird Control In Glasgow

Although Endangered Species Act and Migratory Bird Treaty protects most of the bird, but bird species such as house sparrows, pigeons and European starlings are still considered as nuisance pests and not protected federally against dispersal or control.

If you are a homeowner in Glasgow, then you must be aware that there are multiple ways for controlling such pest birds. You can seek help from various pest bird control Glasgow centers or else you can take some prevention measure on your own at home.

Some of the tips that can be helpful are the following:

  • Try to avoid having areas around your house which have standing water or can be a source of food for the pest birds. It is better to eliminate or at least reduce such areas nearby as much as possible. A lot of time we forget to keep the trash can covered. Pest birds get attracted to such things in search of food. So it is better to cover the can whenever you use it.
  • People often tend to be sympathetic towards pest birds and tend to feed them just like they do to their pets. But the fact is it is not a good idea since they create nuisance around your house as well as in the neighborhood.
  • Keep the trees around your house properly trimmed. Adding obstructions like sticky glues or spikes to wherever the pest birds can be roosting can be a good solution. If there are any gutters nearby your house then keep a check so that you can prevent it from having standing water.
  • You might have set a feeder for other desirable birds, but pest birds feed on these food. In such case, you can change the food that is used. But if the pest birds problem arises at an alarming rate then better to avoid using feeders.