How Often Should You Change Your Bed Sheets?

When does your sleep become the deepest and most soothing? After a successful day or a tired day? For me, it is when I spread a new, fresh and soft bedsheet. This is better revealed when my toddler jumps in happily on the bed right after I change the sheets and even helps me to tuck in smoothly. Not to mention more, he has very bad habits of spreading his toys and snacks on the bed. The condition worsens when his dad also joins him.

In search of an alternative

Washing double bed sheets and waiting for them to dry up in the winter every other day has become a troubling routine for me. However, I am left with no other choice but to search for either quick drying sheets or stain-proof fabrics. One suggestion I got was to switch to bamboo bed sheets on a housekeeping website. This site reviews the best bamboo sheets in addition to tips on maintaining a healthy, clean and beautiful house.

Not everyone needs to change bed sheets on the second day

My case may find similarity with all those fighting moms of naughty tiny tots. Generally, you should consider changing your bed sheets every week or at least once in two weeks for the cleaner family. Change them the moment you find your bed-top itchy, sneezy or smelly. Regular sheet changers include:

  • People with small kids or infants at home
  • Inmates with pets
  • After episodes of infection or bed-ridden members
  • Bedroom TV viewers
  • Couch potatoes on bed
  • More of the office work and studies on the bed

Even if you are not one among the above-mentioned categories, regularly changing your bedsheets will fill in lots of positive energy in your bedroom in addition to the health benefits of bidding bye to allergies and skin problems.