Games to play in the dark

The night sky with lot of bright stars in the sky is a like a dream, with the moon light falling on the crystal clear water by the pool side, the night sky is just amazing to watch, with a blanket of stars envelope the whole sky, the twinkling, definitely reminds one of their childhood memories of the good things about the dark.

Most of the kids are scared of darkness, well as the winter season approach there are lesser day light hours and children miss out time of playing out in the dark. With so much work and no play make the kids addicted to television or computers. To get the fear out of children about the eerie things about darkness, it is best to make them play in the darkness with innovative games:

  • Not a single child will forget the hide and seek game played, it’s so much fun, to make it more interesting Easter eggs filled with small neon battery operated bulbs could fixed inside the egg and kept around the corners of the house or outdoors, so that kids are totally not spoofed out.
  • Flashlight games are so popular among the kids, they simply enjoy playing it in the dark, and kids loved using these flashlights when all house lights went out, where they have to tag the other kids by shining a beam of light. More number of kids who play this game, the more enjoyable it is.
  • Treasure hunt is also a very fun game for kids, when they put on their intuitive thinking and start thinking like a detective. Shining objects hidden, as a part of the hunt is loved by the kids.
  • Glow in the dark painting played inside the house with paintings to be made by the kids with the glow in the dark paints add the shine in the darkness, better if painted outside the house on side walls or fences.