Change Your Windows For The Better

We were contemplating whether to repair our old windows or get them changed completely. While doing our research for the same, we came across few very important things one needs to consider before making this decision.  We too conducted this check list and you could do the same too.

Apart from the good look windows provide your home, windows also need to be functional There are several aspects that you need to check on to ensure that your windows are serving all the purposes that they are meant to serve. If they do not fulfill any or all of these requirements it’s high time to change your windows for the better.  Here is a list of a few functions windows need to fulfill-

  1. Reduce heat loss- Good quality windows must prevent the loss of heat through windows. Not having energy efficient windows can sky rocket your electricity bills and also not keep your home as warm as they should be during the winter months. In case your windows are old or not in good condition it is better to replace them and get new windows.
  2. Draught -proof- Are your windows draught -proof? This is a very important factor to ensure your house remains dust -proof, keeps the heat in, and is noise insulated too. Draught-proofing is like creating a seal for your windows when they are shut and also ensures the easy opening and closing of these windows.
  3. Durability- Check to see how durable your windows are and also if the locking systems are still strong enough to keep you and your home safe and secure.

Once we finished with this checklist we decided the best option for us was to get a new set of windows. We called in the experts and this is where we got our new sash windowsfrom. Our home looks great with the sash windows which high on functionality too.