What is Blue Roll and What Are Its Uses?

With constant experimentation and research happening, to come up with the best cleaning solutions for homes and buildings, and the scientific advances taking place, there are new products that promise more effective, efficient, and safer cleaning solutions. Cleaning supplies such as blue roll is quite the go-to cleaning solutions today, because they accommodate different cleaning requirements, surfaces, and environments.

What is a blue roll?

It is a non-abrasive roll of paper with varying thicknesses that are absorbent. They come in different thicknesses of 2-ply, 3 & 4- ply and so on. The more the number of layers (ply), the thicker the blue roll and higher the absorbent capacity.

The uses of blue roll:

It can be used in a wide range of applications, because of its pragmatic design and non-abrasive nature.

  • It is useful for cleaning and drying several kinds of surfaces, kitchen counters, kitchen tools and appliances.
  • Blue is an easily identifiable colour and therefore this is a roll that can be safely used in food-based environments such as the kitchen and the dining areas. The blue rolls are centre feed rolls and work very effectively as kitchen rolls when used from a tissue dispenser.
  • It is a more hygienic way of drying hands than germ-ridden damp linen towels.
  • Gives a streak-proof and scratch-free cleaning solution to glass surfaces.
  • It is very effective to remove grease, spilt oil or lubricants on any appliance, and tools.
  • If you’re looking for a product that sanitizes your pseudo-leather furniture, the blue roll probably is the best product you can come across.

Currently, this is one of the simplest, safest, and most hygienic products you can use for cleaning. Though it is more expensive than the regular tissues and paper rolls, you can use this product economically using appropriate dispensers. This is probably one of the most economical products that you can use when space is at a premium. It is also environment friendly.