Bed Sheets Buyers Guide

How important are bed sheets? If you ask me, they are very important and we all need to buy sheets that are very cosy, pretty and comfortable. Good linens last long. They feel great when one gets under them. Don’t go by assumption, invest in sheets after reading these tips and we’re sure you will love what you buy.

  • Check for the fabric/ fibre contents. Cotton, bamboo – all-natural materials are very good options. They are softer and long lasting too. There are the cotton-synthetic blends too, which are inexpensive compared to the pure, natural fabrics. These are quite easy to maintain, and durable. However, not everyone may like the feel of these fibres and they may feel less comforting.
  • Check for the size of the sheets and whether it can comfortably cover your mattress in question. Standard sizes do not keep the depth of the mattress into account. Hence, do look for a size that is most suitable for your mattress.
  • Check the exchange and returns policy.
  • Read about the different weaves, and go for one keeping in mind your personal comfort levels. Bamboo as a sheet material is something I prefer and I love these bamboo sheets. There may be those who prefer pure cotton and others who may like the silky feel of satin. The quality of the weave is very important.
  • When looking for quality, it is essential to know that thread count is not the only hallmark for quality. The strength of the fibre and the softness of the fabric do not completely depend on the thread count alone. Hence, do not rely only on this figure to choose the fabric of your sheets.

Investing in good quality bed sheets to cover your beds is important and it is useful to learn and understand the lingo to know what you’re getting into and if you are actually paying the price that the sheets are worth.