A Guide to an Energy-Efficient Home

With winter around the corner, what every house hold starts planning along with their winter clothes shopping is on minimizing their energy bills. It is not easier with the bills accumulating higher each year. It becomes a prime responsibility to plan a while on how efficiently and smartly one could use the energy sources and how much of recycling is possible. This not only helps the household in paying bills but helps a whole nation in saving power and other natural resources as well. It becomes a responsibility of every citizen to improve their home in a way that they are energy efficient.

When you are planning on doing a lot of things to save and retain the energy at your home, there are some small things that will work in a long run and does efficiently contribute towards energy saving-

Ensure all the electronic and electric appliances are turned off when not in use.

Insulate windows and double glaze the windows. This helps in maintaining the heat inside the house after you switch on the heater. I love my new double glazed windows and it helps me in keeping warm for long hours in winter.

You could wash clothes at 30 degrees; this will save up lot energy as most washing machines spend a lot of energy on heating water.

It helps when you stock up your fridge as much as possible. Your fridge’s capacity when utilized fully will save up some energy. What power and energy is utilized remains same when stocked up fully or partially and hence you might as well stock up fully.

Choose fluorescent lamps which work on energy saving mode and save up to 80% of energy instead of other Led and regular bulbs and lights. These could be fixed in places where you specially are alright using these lights.